New Content icon New Content ~ Long time no see...
Journalist: Unknownkid
Date: 24 Jul 2008
Good to see the homepage still being in top shape and not completley dead :D. I came here to entertain you with one of my 'newest' AMVs.

Unknownkid's Goodbye AMV

I hope you like it, and keep enjoying KHExtreme ;)

PS: where is Deep and the others D;

Square-Enix ~ Good and Bad News
Journalist: Phoenix
Date: 24 Jul 2008

Hey everybody!  We've got a little bit of good and bad news for you all today. 

Here is the bad news first.  Tokyopop, the publisher for the Kingdom Hearts manga series in North America and Europe, has cancelled the third volume of the KH 2 series.  Whether or not this means that the KH series will be completely dropped by Tokyopop is still unknown.  Apparently the cancellation of the third volume is due in part by Tokyopop's "progressive reorganization" which you can learn more about from here: Tokyopop Reorganization

Now the good news that will get all of you excited.  As many of you may know, Dragon Quest V (another series by Square Enix) for the Nintendo DS was recently released in Japan and with it came a small advertisement about Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.  The only information on the advertisement is that the game will be launched in Japan some time in 2008.  Hmm, I get the feeling that it may be a holiday release in Japan.  The other bit of good news is that Square Enix of Japan has just launched the 358/2 Days website, which you can find here: 358/2 Days  Hopefully this means that we will learn of an actual release date during the Square Enix party on August 2nd-3rd. 

As always, keep checking back with us for all of the latest KH news.

Sources: KHU and Anime News Network


Square-Enix ~ Square Enix at E3
Journalist: Phoenix
Date: 16 Jul 2008

Hey everyone!  I just wanted to give you all a heads up on all of the Square Enix information that was released at E3 08.  Here's some of the more notable information:

First off, the game The Last Remnant had a trailer shown during the Microsoft press conference on July 14.  If you follow this link you will see the official website for the game (which at the moment is not finished) with the trailer that was shown at E3: The Last Remnant Official Website  Sadly the trailer is fairly short but it is still very stunning and I can honestly say that a lot of Square Enix fans will be pleased with this game.  Square Enix announced at the Microsoft press conference that The Last Remnant will be launched worldwide (Japan, North America, and Europe) on November 20, 2008 for the XBox 360 and will be launched on the PS3 at a later date.  Square also stated that The Last Remnant will be available on Windows computers at a later date.  I'm sure that this game will be on a lot of fans holiday shoping lists.

Another title that had a release date announced was Infinite Undiscovery.  This XBox 360 exclusive title is set for a September 2, 2008 launch in the North America and a September 6, 2008 launch in Europe.  If you click the following link you can see the official website that has a fair amount of information about the game along with two different trailers: Infinite Undiscovery Official Website  The trailer with a picture of Aya on it is really short and shows several CGI clips from the game (which are incredible) and the trailer with a picture of Capell has both CGI clips and actual game play in it and is also longer then the other.  This looks like another amazing game from our favorite gaming company.

One of the other Square Enix games that was spoken of at the Microsoft press conference was Star Ocean: The Last Hope.  This game will be available only for the Xbox 360 and will released in the spring of 2009.  Other then that there really wasn't much information on this game.  Sorry about that guys.

The next and most exciting news from Square Enix is that Final Fantasy XIII will be released on the XBox 360 in North America and Europe.  This information was a big shocker for all Square Enix fans and was also very welcomed by the fans.  Here is a link to the trailer that was shown at Microsoft's press conference: Final Fantasy XIII Trailer   This version of the trailer is panned out and is a little hard to see but this is what was shown on G4's live coverage of the event.  If you follow this link you can see the trailer again except without the odd zoomed out camera: Final Fantasy XIII Trailer V2  Hmm, I wonder if this means that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will also be released for the XBox 360.  One can always hope.  For those of you have already purchased a PS3 and live in North America and Europe don't worry, you will not have to purchase an XBox 360 to play Final Fantasy XIII.  Square Enix still plans to release Final Fantasy XIII for the PS3.  

Well that's all of the really exciting Square Enix information from E3 this year.  Looks like 2008 is going to be a great year for Square Enix.

Sources: Final Fantasy for the panned out trailer of FF XIII and OnlineDevil13 for the second trailer with English translations 

Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ Information Overhaul
Journalist: Phoenix
Date: 15 Jul 2008
Hey everyone.  I'm sorry about the major lack of updates the past few months.  It's been a combination of no real KH news and college.  Luckily though I am currently on summer vacation and there has recently been a fair amount of KH news.  This is going to be a fairly long update so please click the 'Read More' option.
Read more

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