Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ Secret Report IX
Journalist: Phoenix
Date: 21 Apr 2007

Hey everyone!  Here is the ninth entry in the thirteen part Secret Report for all of you to see.  Again, huge thanks go to GameFAQs' The Wertle.

IX - Could you please gather some information about the main characters? The reason Sora becomes Anti Form, the reason Riku is able to be selected by a Keyblade, Kairi's memories of Radiant Garden, Roxas and Namine's differences from other Nobodies, the absence of Sora and them, their parent's and friends, and what about school?

Concerning Sora's Anti Form, you could think that the reason is related to his changing into a heartless once before. In fact, beyond Sora's Nobody, it is natural to assume that Sora is influenced by the heartless. Riku's Dark Mode is similar. By using such a strong power too much, he may have ended up approaching too close to darkness. There should be a hint about Riku being a chosen wielder hidden discreetly somewhere in the additions to the game, so certainly try and find it. As for Kairi's memories, there's nothing particularly special about them. If I personally recalled memories from before I was 5, I think I wouldn't remember many details about them. That is to say on a general level, there are things I would remember and things I would forget.

Because there is already a detailed explanation of Roxas and Namine being special Nobodies in this volume, please read the specific details there. I'll summarize it so it’s easy to understand. Essentially, when a strong hearted person has their heart stolen, they change into a heartless, and on rare occasions their body changes into a Nobody. But in the case for these two, for Kairi's heart to be hidden within Sora, it took a special shape. Moreover, when Sora himself was changed into a heartless he was purified by Kairi. In order for Sora to be revived without following the essential course, the special way Roxas and Namine were born from these types, special Nobodies ended up being left behind. Still, I get the feeling from the story so far that Xemnas might also be a special Nobody.

Finally, about the people on Destiny Islands. At the time of Sora and the groups’ disappearance, on the night of the storm from the previous game, Destiny Islands itself ended up disappearing and for the people of that world, time was stopped. Afterwards, Sora slept for 1 year, and then everyone's memories of Sora were no longer there. As such, the memory actually became "On the night of the storm, Riku's body disappeared". Once Sora awoke, the memories of him returned. Eventually the memories of Sora, just as Riku was no longer there after the storm that night, were that both of them had disappeared. (footnote: However, Kairi alone was once assimilated into Sora's heart. In this edition "Kingdom Hearts II" I strongly feel that he was influenced by this.)

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Sources: and GameFAQs' The Wertle

Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ Secret Reports VII-VIII
Journalist: Phoenix
Date: 20 Apr 2007

Hey everybody!  Here are two more secret reports that were translated by the awesome 'The Wertle' of GameFAQs.  There were a few misspellings so I fixed them but otherwise everything is word for word.

VII - In KH, at the same time Sora became a heartless Roxas was born and entered the Organization. So if that's the case, at that point in time at Castle Oblivion, Sora used a Keyblade while at the same time, Roxas would have been using a Keyblade. Was this Sora's Keyblade? Within the organization, I think we particularly saw Roxas using a Keyblade. And similar to Roxas, Sora served as another Keyblade Master conviently gathering hearts. So why was the Organization defeated?

The Keyblade that Roxas used and the Keyblade that Sora once lost in Castle Oblivion, is the same one. Furthermore, these two both used the Keyblade at the same time. This can be explained by the relationship between Roxas and Sora. Thus, they both can wield two Keyblades, in fact, has an important meaning. This is also related to Xehanort's memories, but this point can't be touched on just yet.

Furthermore, from the time that the two were both using the Keyblade at the same time, the Organization itself was using Sora for their ultimate goal. Soon enough, each of the Organization's expectations differed. By changing Sora and Roxas’ movements, eventually they became unable to use Sora for their true meaning. As a result, Sora became an obstacle to the movements of the organization itself and he had to be defeated. But even if Sora were to be defeated, you could say there are other things to think about in making that sacrifice.

VIII - When the heartless are defeated, what becomes of the stolen hearts? Also, when members of Organization XIII and other Nobodies are defeated, do they return to their original form?

When heartless are defeated, essentially the owner's hearts are rejoined with their once extinguished body, whichever world it may be on. As for the whereabouts of hearts in KHII that turn up, this time they remarkably went to the Organization (there is a foot note here that says "In Kingdom Hearts II after heartless were defeated, the many hearts were absorbed by the Kingdom Hearts of "people's hearts"). However, in the rare case that the body changed into a Nobody and when there is no container for the heart, it resorts to a state of suspension.

In the case of a Nobody being defeated, it's a little more complicated. If the above mentioned hearts are liberated, they return to their original form. However, if the heart is still stolen by the heartless, the Nobody's body is swallowed by darkness. If somewhere in the world their hearts are taken back, perhaps they might be able to return to their original human form.

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Sources: and GameFAQs' The Wertle

Kingdom Hearts 2 icon Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ KH2 Ultimania Cover, Mushrooms, Secert Reports, and more!
Journalist: Phoenix
Date: 19 Apr 2007

Hey everyone!  I've got some new and interesting information for all of you today.  For starters, please see the 'Comments' page to view the full story.

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Square-Enix ~ Kingdom Hearts - Re: Chain of Memories - After Riku's & Sora's Credits
Journalist: Unknownkid
Date: 03 Apr 2007
I just ripped this from the Game.... and I thought that this kinda look neat.. so here you go...
WARNING! This is a huge spoiler if you didn't complete KH:CoM (GBA) or KH Re: CoM (Ps2).

After Riku's Ending Scene
After Sora's Credits Scene

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