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Journalist: Itani
Date: 02 Apr 2007

Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix Secret Ending Report


Birth by sleep
(Translated)The hidden true story-
There is no coincidence in any destiny
Kingdom Hearts
Every destiny is meant to happen
Those destinies remerge after a long time
A new story waits its awakening


The middle knight will be named Male Knight. The Girl knight will be named Female Knight. The other will be named Roxas Knight. The Spiderman-looking guy will be named Anonymous Baddie, AB in short.

-You see an old man walking towards the knights.
-He splits in to two, and a Spiderman-looking man replaces one of himself.
-Roxas Knight attempts to go, but the Male Knight stops him and charges at the old man and the AB.
-Clearer view of old man and AB. Notice that these two dress in a similar way to those we’ve seen before. The old man dresses like Xenahort’s heartless did in KH1, and the AB has clothes which look like Ansem Riku’s from KH1, except red. The AB appears to have a keyblade; a red one, with webby patterns all over the place-which makes him look a bit more like spiderman.
-As Male Knight jumps at them, the old man summons some earth to pelt him upwards with it. He then makes his area of land rise higher than Male Knight’s, glaring as he shoots upwards.
-The AB jumps down, and shoots some heavy thunder-elemental magic at Male Knight. Male Knight is completely struck by it, but manages to stand ground.
-The other two knights arrive to aid; they both run at the AB. Male Knight looks up at the old man, and runs as well.
-The old man uses magic to make all the keyblades (Which is originally stuck onto the ground) fly upwards and form some kind of a tornado shape.
-Roxas Knight and AB fighting. The AB uses some ice-elemental magic here. Female Knight starts towards AB, but notices the tornado of keyblades and runs away from it.
-The AB jumps onto a flying keyblade and chases Female Knight and Roxas Knight with ice magic. They eventually fight again. You then see Female Knight using thunder magic against AB.
-You see Male Knight running. The tornado of keyblades hit him, causing him to fall off the cliff. He managed to recover by plunging his keyblade on the wall. However, this causes a bit of the earth to fall off with him.
-As Female Knight watches Male Knight, she is struck by the tornado of keyblades from underground. She then falls a short way.
-The Male Knight is again hit by the storm of keyblade, sent upwards.
-Roxas Knight runs to Female Knight, checking if she’s alright. The Female Knight recovers, and sends a jet of light upwards.
-The Jet of light causes a barrier to protect Male Knight from the keyblades. This works for a while, but as more keyblades come flying, the barrier is blown up. Roxas Knight watches this, and runs towards Male Knight’s area. Female Knight too exhausted to do anything.
-Male Knight is seen falling on the ground after the explosion. He then has a short fight with the old man (who also uses a keyblade), but is struck by some ice-elemental magic. You see the ice covering up the right side of Male Knight’s body, suggesting this magic freezes your body, although only the area it hits.
-You see the old man brandishing his keyblade, which you get a better shot of. It looks like some ultimate Oblivion-looking keyblade.
-Roxas Knight strikes the old man from behind, but the old man quickly dodges with some very fast speed. At this pause you can see Roxas Knight’s keyblade better. It seems like it can only be held with the left hand, has a short reach and looks quite simple compared to the baddies’ weapons.
-The old man grabs Roxas Knight by the head (This is where you’ll notice Roxas Knight is quite small; he is held by an old dude’s hand by the head in the air), cracking his armour with strength. The Male Knight is taken by surprise. As Roxas Knight is held bait, Male Knight starts to run but is struck by the tornado of keyblades (again, poor guy) which appears to be the fault of the AB, as he lands next to the old guy shortly after that.
-As Female Knight looks at Roxas Knight, you see his head’s armour breaks a bit, leaving a hole where you can see his blue eye, reflecting Female Knight.
-The old man causes the freezing attack on Roxas with a full blow, completely freezing him. The old man then drops him off the cliff. Roxas Knight’s keyblade and armour shatters as he is dragged on the cliff wall.
-Female Knight catches him. You then see Roxas Knight’s face, which, surprisingly, is Roxas’s face (I’ll tell you why I call him “Roxas Knight” later). As his eyes are moving he appears to be alive, but only just and clearly out of the question of continuing in battle.
-The old man gathers energy, creating some purple energy ball on his hand. He shoots the ball up into the sky. The grey sky is broken by blue light, and you see Kingdom Hearts through the hole. The old man smirks in triumph.
-You see Male Knight stumbling where he fell, after he was hit by the keyblades. He takes off his armour, to finally reveal his face. He has a weird hairstyle, which looks similar to, what I thought, Xenahort’s (I mean the hairstyle he has on the portrait in Hollow Bastion). Anyway, he glares at Kingdom Hearts, and as he blinks you’ll see that his eye colour changes to yellow.
-You finally get a clear shot of where all those people were fighting. It looks like, with Kingdom Hearts floating above it (or should I say is) a past-version of The World that Never Was. And then the last shot of the secret ending is Mickey, glaring at the battlefield. He wears the clothes he wore when he visited Ansem the Wise ages ago, and carries the keyblade Sora acquires in Yen Sid’s tower.

Roxas Knight

Long before KH1 means that Roxas was not born yet. Sora became heartless in KH1, which was when he was actually born...So technically, the Roxas-looking guy just can't be Roxas. That's why I call him a Roxas Knight, because he's a knight who looks like Roxas, but is not Roxas.

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