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Destiny Islands

 Sora (Sorage)
Sora / Sorage  Name  Sora (Sorage)
 Age  14
 Weapon  Keyblade
 Hometown  Destiny Islands
Description: Sora is an adventurous young teenager who enjoys having fun and spending time with his friends. He has a very cheerful attitude and follows his heart. Sora has spent all of his life on a small island called Destiny Islands with his two friends Riku and Kairi. Hungry for adventure he prepares a raft one day with his friends, to go explore the world. But the night before their departure, a terrible storm hits the island and it is consumed by darkness. Kairi and Riku are lost in the universe and Sora is teleported to another world where he meets Donald and Goofy, his new friends and companions who are looking for the Keybearer. And so he sets out to find his lost friends and save the universe from the darkness...

Riku  Name  Riku
 Age  15
 Weapon  Keyblade
 Hometown  Destiny Islands
Description: Riku has a very competitive nature and will take on any challenge. Althought he may seem relaxed and laid back at times, there is a darkness lurking deep inside him. Riku grew up with Sora, Kairi and his other friends on Destiny Islands, which is overcome by darkness one stormy night. When Riku is chosen to be the Keyblade Master he accepts the darkness instead and joins Maleficent to find Kairi's heart. When he meets Sora for the first time since Destiny Islands, Riku is surprised that Sora is with Donald and Goofy instead of looking for Kairi, he becomes angry and an intense rivalry is formed between them. As he travels through the worlds he becomes stronger as evil takes over him. He will destroy anything and anyone that gets in his way, even Sora.

Kairi  Name  Kairi
 Age  14
 Weapon  None
 Hometown  Unknown
Description: Kairi is a very cheerful girl who enjoys her time at Destiny Islands. She doesn't know where she came from as she lost her memory when she came to the islands, causing her to wonder where she once lived.
Kairi wants to travel to other worlds to see what's out there and perhaps find out about her past.
She can always be seen smiling or laughing and would give the world to help Riku or Sora.
Written by FFFreak

Description: Kairi is Sora and Riku's childhood friend. Kairi arrived on Destiny Islands on the night of a meteor shower many years before the story begins. She can't remember anything about her 'true hometown' but she now considers Destiny Islands to be her home. Kairi, Riku, and Sora decide to build a raft in the hopes of being able to travel to new worlds and to be able to visit Kairi's 'true hometown'. Unfortunately, the Heartless attacked the night before their departure and the world of the Islands was completely destroyed and Kairi seems to have vanished…

Written by KagePhoenix

Tidus  Name  Tidus
 Age  ???
 Weapon  Wooden Stick
 Hometown  Destiny Islands
Description: Tidus is a very cheerful teenager who loves to fine-tune his sword fighting skills. He grew up along with his fellow companions, Riku, Sora, Kairi, Wakka and Selphie on Destiny Islands. Tidus is also the main character of the famous Square title, Final Fantasy X.

Wakka  Name  Wakka
 Age  ???
 Weapon  Blitzball
 Hometown  Destiny Islands
Description: Wakka enjoys playing a good ol' game of Blitzball and also uses a Blitzball as his weapon, how bizarre is that? Wakka is also a character from the famous Square title, Final Fantasy X.

Selphie  Name  Selphie
 Age  ???
 Weapon  Shinobou
 Hometown  Destiny Islands
Description: Always there with a smile on her face, Selphie is a good friend to have and quite a skilled fighter at times, except when she falls over. Selphie is also a character from the famous Square title, Final Fantasy VIII.