Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
A whole new type of ham--I mean game.
Written September 28th 2005 at 3:35 PM by Anonymous.
Square-Enix have come round the corner and created a whole new type of GBA game. The Battle System is what makes this game such a hit. KHCoM is the game that ties up all the loose ends and clears the runway for Kingdom Hearts 2.
Sora in Wonderland

At first I thought the game was a letdown, but soon got to grips with the battle system and found it very interesting.

Storyline - 9/10
Sora is trapped in a Castle of memories and everyone who he encounters (Squall, Yuffie, Aerith etc.) has forgotten who Sora is and what happened in Kingdom Hearts, and then even Sora starts to forget. You find a strange cloaked figure who you get chatting to and you discover that your new mission is to clime to the top of Castle Oblivion and on each floor is a world that appeared in Kingdom Hearts (and a new one) and each world he completes he remembers something he forgot.

Battle System - 8/10
The battle system (like KH) is real time, but you use cards and your card number has to be higher than your opponents to break their card and inflict damage. An 0 Attack card can destroy any card. You can also use Summon Cards, Magic Cards, Item Cards and Sleights (a combination of cards used as a Special Attack). You can Dodge Roll, Jump and Attack in Battle, but remember, it's not just relying on the card, you need to dodge attacks and position yourself wisely.

Graphics - 8/10
Better than normal Game Boy Advanced graphics, it's got some good FMV scenes.

Overall - 8/10
I still think it should be a bit more of an RPG with cool weapons, items and postcards etc. to collect by opening Treasure Chests etc. instead of getting HP and MP bubbles.

Good cutscene graphics.
Good storyline.

Needs to be more like an RPG.
Needs new Worlds, they get very boring after a while.
Needs a lot of tweaking.