Kingdom Hearts Knowledge Quiz
Wrong answers: X
Right answers: O
+What's Sora's first Summon in KH?+
+A) Smelly socks!
+B) Dumbo
+C) Simba
+D) Bambi

+What's "Sora" short for?+
+A) Sorage
+B) Sewage
+C) Sorefeet
+D) Soranno

+Where does Sora live in KH?+
+A) Destiny Islands
+B) Traverse Town
+C) Hollow Bastion
+D) Disney Castle

+Who's the last boss you fight against in KH?+
+A) Darkside
+B) Guard Armor
+C) Sephiroth
+D) (Final) Ansem

+When does KH: CoM start?+
+A) 1 year after Kingdom Hearts
+B) Straight after Kingdom Hearts
+C) After Kingdom Hearts 2
+D) Before Kingdom Hearts

+What is the Organization?+
+A) An organization that studies the heart.
+B) An organization that's out to kill Sora.
+C) The next "Back Street Boys".
+D) The guys from the Matrix.

+What worlds are in KH2?+
+A) Fabled Countryside, Twilight Town, Agrabah, Olympus Coliseum, Atlantica, Steam Boat Willie, Traverse Town, Halloween Town, Deep Dive, Destiny Islands, Disney Castle, Pirates of the Carribean and Land of Dragons.
+B) Hundred Acre Wood, Twilight Town, Agrabah, Olympus Coliseum, Halloween Town, Destiny Islands, Traverse Town, Land of Dragons, Pirates of the Caribbean and Disney Castle
+C) No one knows yet.
+D) All the worlds in KH and KHCoM.

+Who do you play as in Reverse Rebirth in KHCoM?+
+A) Sora and Riku
+B) Sora, Donald and Goofy
+C) Riku and King Mickey
+D) Marluxia and Lexaeus

+Which world do you encounter Demix (Demyx) in KH2?+
+A) Deep Dive
+B) Twilight Town
+C) Destiny Islands
+D) Olympus Coliseum

+Which country can you only buy Final Mix?+
+B) UK
+C) Japan
+D) Australia