Kingdom Hearts/Chain of Memories/Kingdom Hearts 2 Quiz *SPOILERS*

After taking this quiz e-mail the answers to Xarvenu at and I'll send you your results. Enjoy!

1) Give some evidence that BHK is NOT Sora or a part of him.

2) Tell me 3 facts proving that DiZ is Ansem/a part of Ansem.

3) How did Riku and Mickey end up in the world of darkness and how come they couldn't leave at the end of Kingdom Hearts?

4) Why couldn't Sora and Kairi get to eachother at the end of Kingdom Hearts?

5) Who is rightful owner of the Keyblade? Why did who got the Keyblade get it and not the person it was meant for?

6) What is Kingdom Hearts and why did light come out of it?

7) What are the three forces/enemies?

8) What two FF characters were replaced with what other two FF characters?

9) What do the princesses say about the Enigmatic Man?

10) What did Namine's good luck charm turn into and why?

11) Give some proof that the creature Marluxia rides at the end of CoM is a Nobody.

12) What is the relationship between FF and KH?

13) What makes a Keyblade different from a sword?

14) Who is the true identity of the Unknown at the beginning of Sora's story in CoM?

15) What do you notice about BHKs clothes?

16) Is Kingdom Hearts the heart of all worlds? Why or Why not?

17) What exactly is the End of the World?

18) What are the four worlds/dimensions?

19) How did Riku get the Keyblade at Hollow Bastion and how did Sora get it back?

20) Give some evidence to prove the theory that Axel is Sora's body and soul.