Are You Obsessed With Kingdom Hearts?
Wrong answers: X
Right answers: O
+Do you have a real Keyblade?+
+A) Yes!
+B) No.
+C) I will...
+D) In the game I do.

+How much KH merchandise do you own?+
+A) 1-5
+B) 6-10
+C) 11-20
+D) 21-100

+Do you have a KH Cosplay?+
+A) Of course! Who wouldn't?
+B) No.
+C) I wish...
+D) You must be mad.

+How many times have you replayed KH?+
+A) 1-5
+B) 6-10
+C) 11-20
+D) 21-100!!! O.O

+Can you remember the entire KH script?+
+A) Yes!! *Recites*
+B) Haha! You must be joking....riiight?
+C) I can remember some of it...
+D) Nope.

+Is your bedroom plastered with KH posters?+
+A) *Emerges from heaps of posters* Uhuh!
+B) *Hides McFly posters* Nope! Heehee... *Kisses McFly poster*
+C) I have a few posters here and there...
+D) I'm getting loads today from eBay!

+Do you fancy a character from KH?+
+A) No..
+B) Uhuh!!! *Ticks off characters*
+C) Who would?
+D) You're mad.

+Do you quote KH characters in your every day speech?+
+A) Muahaha! "We can't let fear stop us!" I admit it! I dooooo!
+B) Only weirdo's quote characters from a game...
+C) No way!
+D) Now and again..

+Do you have a KH Web site?+
+A) Who doesn't!?
+B) No.
+C) Don't have the software...
+D) You know, it never even occured to me. xD

+Do you have a complete collection of KH Plushies??+
+A) Uhuh! *Pants* Took a lot of eBaying!
+B) I have a few.
+D) Nope.